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Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps & DevSecOps at IDC and Brittany Greenfield, CEO & Founder of Wabbi discuss why DevSecOps is failing. IT and security leaders recognize the critical need to integrate security into development. However, they’re struggling to execute, according to IDG research. That’s why a best-in-class approach—one that empowers the development team to take ownership—gives organizations a clear path to delivering secure code. Watch this webinar to learn from industry experts how best-in-class companies are overcoming the great disconnect. 

Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers.  Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists. DevSecOps vs. SecDevOps vs. DevOpsSec: Is there really a difference in these secure DevOps terms? We all agree we need to not only secure DevOps but we want secure software to pop out the other side of our ops pipelines. Folks often have 'security teams' that are important is it to get not just a segment in the DevOps pipeline but really integrated end to end? Scott chats with Wabbi's Brittany Greenfield about the future of DevOps+Security.

Interviews with the most innovative and forward-thinking Tech CEOs and CMO’s in the world. Listen to hear how they built their companies, when they hit that tipping point from start-up chaos to success and, most importantly, how their technology will change the future of the industries they service.  For applications, security continues to be a topic at the forefront of user conversations. On this episode of The Future of BizTech, you'll learn about Wabbi's SecDevOps infrastructure platform from their founder and CEO, Brittany Greenfield.

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