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Brittany Greenfield is the CEO & Founder of Wabbi, transforming how enterprises integrate security into the software development lifecycle. 

A bold and passionate leader recognized for identifying and capturing new market opportunities, Brittany Greenfield has helped businesses at all stages drive growth through innovation to stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape.



From conferences to podcasts, Brittany brings her expertise to life in speaking engagements.   



"Today, code powers our economy and our lives in so many ways. If you follow the logic from the famous line, ‘software is eating the world,’ then application security is eating security."

Forging a Path for Female Founders

in Application Security


"There’s been progress over the years, yes. But it’s something in which we haven’t seen the needle move much lately."

10 Women  Who Are Making a

Difference in Cybersecurity


"The key is ruthless prioritization. You can’t fix everything, so you need a context-based system to understand what has to be fixed now, what can be fixed later and what can be managed as part of long-term debt."

14 Essential Features And Qualities Of An Effective Bug-Tracking System

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Brittany Greenfield Top Women in Cybersecurity
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